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18 May 2013

Next we welcomed another non exclusive group of lads consisting of 5 lads from Yorkshire, Lee Brown and John Bond from London, Father and son Norman and Geoff Tapp from Sussex and Kent and finally Paul Rylance from Lancashire.

Norman, who was on his 70th birthday treat from his family had the first fish of the week on Sunday which was a new PB for him at 33.09, and not to be outshone his son Geoff then had a PB Common at 53.06 – a fantastic start or both! This was followed by 2 more fish for Geoff at 44.06 and 30.02, and John Bond had the only other fish on the sunday which was a 40.02 mirror.
Paul Rylance had a 27.02 common in the early hours of Monday morning, and Lee Brown opened his account with a 37.10 mirror as did Nick Atkinson (Yorkshire) with a PB mirror at 32.02.
Whilst sitting round the dinner table Geoff jokingly asked me what prize I would give him if he landed one of 3 fish that he pointed out to me on the photo boards in the lodge, to which I replied he could have 3 different bottles of our finest Moulinots wine. Wendy and myself had been back at the house for no more than 20 minutes when the mobile rang and it was Geoff on the other end asking me what the big mirror looked like, and when I replied it was nearly  a leather he laughed and told me he had it in the sling at a new PB mirror for him at 58.08!, plus also had another fish weighing 35.13
Tuesday produced 11 fish –  2 more for Geoff, (mirrors at 28.06 and 35.08) Lee had 3 fish all mirrors at 26.04, 26.02 and 24.06.
Andrew Hughes (Yorkshire) had 2 fish including a PB mirror at 49.00,and another at 30.02. Paul Rylance landed a 41.12 mirror in torrential rain! Sadly Paul and his other half had to leave earlier than expected due to getting flooded out in their bivvy! Thanks to all the other lads for your help and support in trying to convince Paul and Maddie to stay but I think the weather was just too much for Maddie  – hope you enjoy better weather on your next fishing trip.
Joker of the Yorkshire group Mike Platten finished the day off with a PB at 47lb. Shame you were not as good at catching the orphaned duckling Mike!!
Despite the constant rain, Norman added another fish to his tally, a 26.06 mirror.
Wednesday was even better than the previous day (not weather wise though!) with 12 fish gracing the bank. These included 3 for John Bond, a PB common at 49.09, and mirrors at 31.12 and 31.10. Norman landed 3 more fish including a PB at 45.08, a common 30.02 and another mirror weighing 24.04. Lee had another mirror weighing 48.04 and Geoff also had another fish a mirror at 38lb. Andrew Hughes then had a 32.10 Mirror.
The highlight of the day was Nick who smashed his PB from earlier in the week with a mirror at 56.02, To say he was in shock is a complete understatement. Jim Cook (Yorkshire) had his first fish of the week a new PB at 32.08, and his buddy in the same swim Mike then had another mirror at 28lb.
Jim had another fish early on Thursday, a mirror weighing 29.12, and making the most of his birthday treat, Norman caught a 33.02 mirror. Lee had another 2 mirrors at 38.02 and 34.14, making his total for the week 7 fish, and Nick who was having the session of a lifetime had 2 more mirrors at 42lb and 36lb. Geoff had another fish weighing 34.10, and John finished his weeks captures with a 25.08 mirror, making it 6 for him for the week. Norman finished a truly memorable week for him with 2 more fish weighing 21.10 and 35.12, making his total 8 for the week – well done Norm and we are so pleased how much you enjoyed your week. Geoff ended his remarkable week with a 39.12 common on Friday making his total 10 fish inc 2 x 50 lbers. Well done Geoff and richly deserved after the hours you spent watching the water in the pouring rain!
Nick ended his big fish hauling week with another specimen at 48.08.
Jim then smashed his PB again with a mirror weighing 46.12 only to beat that with another new PB in the early hours of Saturday morning, a stunning mirror weighing 55.08 – well done Jim after a slow start to the week for you. I would just like to say that all the boys kept their spirits up through out the week despite the appalling weather conditions and this paid dividends in the end with an amazing total of 11 new PBs. Total fish for the week was 47 of which 4 were 50’s, 11 x 40, and 20 x 30 lbers. Average weight for the week was an incredible 36.06lb.

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