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29 June 2013

With the weather now turning very hot we were joined by Tony Parsons and his group from Swindon, and Marc Coombes and his dad Pip and Colin Barker from Kent.
Pip wasted no time in catching when he landed a lovely 36.14 mirror on the Saturday afternoon sadly he only managed 1 more fish in the early hours of the last day this being a new PB common at 26.12.
Colin managed to tempt only 1 carp at 23.12 and Marc had to wait till the early hours of the last day to catch when he had a PB mirror weighing 36 lb. The biggest fish of the week went to Tony Parsons, a lovely 55lb mirror. Shane Farmer had 2 fish both mirrors weighing 30.10 and 30 lb.
Top rod of the week went to Neil Brewer who fished the shallower end of the lake which turned out to be a good move as he had a 50 lb PB common and a PB mirror at 47.05. Neil also managed to land a 34.10 and 30.05 mirror and another common at 27.01. A special thanks to Neil as he allowed Marc to fish the shallows which resulted in Marc’s fish, a very unselfish move Neil, this proved to be the start of some very difficult and slow weeks ahead as the weather never relented good for your suntans but no good for the fishing!

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