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29 March 2014

Our next group were also from Norfolk, they were Billy Ellwood’s group of 7 lads back after a years break. On arriving at the lake after what sounded like a heavy night in our local town celebrating Chris Askew’s birthday,  (Chris had the battle scars as a reminder!) all the lads were given bright pink T-shirts by the oldest and loudest member of the group Colin Keeley. These were under no circumstances to be removed until they had caught a carp. Gavin Coe was first to shed his when on the saturday evening he had the first of his 3 fish for the week, a new PB at 36.02, he then beat this with a 44.07 mirror only to beat it again with another PB a lovely looking 46.04 common! Well done Gav, 3 new PB’s in a week can’t be bad…Next to be freed from the shirt was Tommo, who had a 24.06 mirror on Sunday morning, he also 3 other fish at 31.02, 24.06, and 24.03 – No big girls for Tommo but still a good result. Mike Talbot also caught on Sunday morning having a nice 42.04 mirror. As you can imagine the micky taking was getting worse as the day went on as they still had 4 members of the group wearing pink, although Billy Ellwood was next to freed of the rib taking when he had a small but very welcome 21.02 mirror. He also managed another 2 fish during the week, a much bigger 46.07 mirror (which won him the trophy of biggest fish of the week) and a 33.04 mirror.
Colin somehow managed to relieve himself of the T-shirt by having the first of, I believe 4 grass carp!!?? Although on the Wednesday he did catch 3 proper carp, weighing 31.04, 30.02, and 31.04. These were followed by a 32.06 on Friday, and for all his efforts he won the trophy for most fish. Next to catch was the youngest and probably the most sensible member of the group (up until the Thursday morning when I was greeted by hand written placards everywhere praising Paris St Germain’s performance over Chelsea the previous night) Jimmy Ellwood who managed the first of his 3 fish haul on the Monday with a 31.06 mirror, Jimmy then lost 2 fish and landed 2 more on Friday and Saturday at 29.11c and 39.10m. Now they only had 1 member of the group in pink, Chris who despite trying 3 different swims during the week managed a last gasp 20lber to save himself the embarrassment of having to wear the shirt home on the ferry! It wasn’t destined to be your week Chris after the heavy birthday night you had, I’m sure you will fair a lot better next time. All in all, it was a great week with plenty of banter and mickey taking, and so sorry you couldn’t get on next year, see you all including Colin “hopefully” in 2016.

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