We stock our own Moulinots Specials and also pop-ups, wafters and hard hookers to match, at competitive prices. Please contact us for details.

If you are interested in purchasing baits from us you should contact us 8 weeks prior to your holiday date. Payment to be made on order. Please note there is a 5kg minimum order. We advise 10-15 kilo of boilie pp is more than adequate. Please note there is now a 10kg limit per person per week for non house boilie.

Prices of boilies – £10.00 per kg.

Pellet – Fish Rearing Pellet – 40% protein (Coppens) is allowed but must be purchased at the fishery. This pellet is used to feed the fish throughout the winter months.

Pellet prices – £3 per kg or £52.50 per 25 kg sack. Must be pre-ordered. Minimum order 2kg.


No nuts, maize, maggots or worms.

We do not recommend the use of hemp, mixed particles etc. as we have found that the best catch results have been achieved by baiting with boilies and pellet only, though guests do have the option to use particles (properly prepared of course) if they choose. Please note that inspections will be made.