Booking your holiday at Etang Des Moulinots

Once you have checked our availability page and you have selected your holiday dates, telephone or contact us to reserve your fishing holiday. When we have confirmed availability to you by either telephone or email, you can complete the online booking form. We will hold your provisional reservation for you for 7 days, or until we receive your booking form and deposit if sooner. Once we have received your completed booking form and deposit we will confirm your booking in writing and send you confirmation and a receipt. Please make sure you have read our fishery rules prior to booking.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (bank details can be provided at the time of reservation) or Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. Please note that for credit card payments a charge of 2.3% will be levied to cover bank charges.

    Booking form

    Group Organiser Firstname* Surname: 
    Home Tel:  Mobile*
    Number of anglers in party (max 10 at any time exclusive and non-exclusive): 
    Angler 2 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 3 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 4 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 5 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 6 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 7 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 8 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 9 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Angler 10 Firstname:  Surname: 
    Number of non-fishing guests:  Holiday Commencement (Saturday date)(YYYY-MM-DD Format): 
    In the event of a Group Booking, the Group Organiser is responsible for collecting the deposits/balances for all
    anglers in the group.
    Total Deposit Enclosed (see below):  Number of people requiring food: 
    If you have already made a payment by direct bank transfer or
    debit/credit card please give details on date and amount sent/paid here:
    Please tick the following box to confirm that you and your group have read and agreed to the booking terms
    and conditions and fishery rules/restrictions.
    Please advise us of the number in your group who require vegetarian meals at Moulinots:
    Can you tell us how you found out about Moulinots:
    Deposits: A deposit of £100 per angler per week is required for Etang des Moulinots (non exclusive use).
    A deposit of £1000 per week is required for a group booking at Etang des Moulinots (exclusive use).
    Payments: Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer, debit card or most major credit cards.
    A surcharge of 2.3% will be made to payments by credit card.

    Booking Terms and Conditions