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Lake & Facilities


10 maximum


Individuals and groups


19 acre lake


13 Swims


280/300 carp up to 75lbs

From Calais:

3.5 hours drive


Saturday / Saturday

The lake is approximately 19 acres in area, with depths ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 metres. As can be seen from the pictures above, all of the banks are either tree-lined or are concealed by vegetation including tall reeds. The lake was opened at the beginning of March 2002.

There are approximately 13 swims, including 2 double swims and the number of anglers is restricted to 10, plus the bailiff. This allows the anglers flexibility to change swims and provide each angler with the equivalent of over 1.9 acres to fish. The lake had previously been used for fish farming and was drained at the end of October 2001 and the small carp were removed. The existing stock of larger carp were returned to the lake and supplemented by other large carp which are now up to 65lbs. There are no poisson chat or crayfish in the lake.

In the 23 years that Etang des Moulinots has been operating we have continued to improve the fishery each year – refurbishing the swims, improving vehicle accessibility (all swims can be driven to) and improving facilities. Stock levels have been maintained at around 230/260 carp, with the average weight currently standing at over 35lbs. There are now at least 2 x 60’s,  14 x 50’s, and in total over 70% of our carp are over 35lbs. Our photo gallery shows you the quality of carp we offer.

Based on professional advice we have not overstocked the lake so that anglers can pull one carp out after another – the stocking level we have established should ensure that anglers can catch a good quantity and quality of carp each week and that there is due consideration to the welfare of the fish.

The Lodge

The lodge offers a covered outside dining area as well as an inside dining area complete with log fire for those colder months. All meals are freshly prepared on a daily basis in the kitchen area at the lodge – Please note we are unable to offer the use of the lodge kitchen and equipment for those anglers choosing a ‘Drive & Survive’ holiday.

Disabled Access – Please note there are a set of steep steps leading from the lodge to the lake – please speak to us if you have any queries regarding disabled access.

Our facilities include:

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