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May 2012

The following table shows the top 20 carp caught during the month

Date Angler Fish Weight
 7th  Ricky Munday (Essex) *PB* 57-00 C
 25th  Norman Ball (Birmingham) *PB* 56-10 C
 15th  Mark Creed (Surrey) *PB*  55-13 M
 2nd  Alan Sands (West Sussex) *PB*  55-10 C
 15th  Mark Creed (Surrey)  54-06 M
 21st  Norman Ball (Birmingham) *PB MIR*  54-06 M
 6th  Ricky Munday (Essex) 53-06 C
 5th  Dave White (Essex) *PB* 53-00 C
 15th  Ed Short (Surrey) PB*  50-07 M
 4th  Lee Ward (Bristol) 49-15 M
 3rd  Craig Brown (West Sussex) 49-10 C
 11th  Jamie Irving (Essex) *PB*  49-06 M
 8th  Trevor Monk (Essex) *PB* 49-00 C
 9th  Jamie Irving (Essex) 49-00 M
 22nd  Rob Waters (Surrey) *PB* 48-04 M
 8th  Steve Munday (Essex) 48-02 M
 14th  Dave Walsh (France)  48-00 M
 16th  Neil Pentecost (Surrey)  *PB* 48-00 M
 22nd  Dave Walsh (France) 48-00 M
 26th  Nick Gent (Kent) *PB* 48-00 C

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