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17 May 2014

Next we were joined by another regular group that we look forward to seeing every year.
Paul Vickerstaffs group mainly from Surrey have been coming to Moulinots for many years and had never turned up when the fish are starting to spawn, sadly this year was the exception!
Only 13 fish were landed all week but there was still a special moment on their final day when Stuart Creed (Surrey) managed to beat the lake record and land the first common over 60 lb when he caught the Dip Back common at 64lbs!! A very special moment for all that witnessed it, thanks lads for the early morning call, it was great to see her. Stuart had 2 other fish during the week at 34 and 23lbs.
Newboy Mitch ‘Derek’ Plowman (Surrey) had 4 fish, 1 x 40, 2 x 30’s and 1 x 20. Not a bad result Derek, hopefully see you back in October if your allowed!
Dale Vickerstaff had 2 fish in the 20’s, so also lost the wager he had with Stuart!!
Dave ‘Sir Pellanore’ Pritchard (some weird golf club name!) had one fish a 34.12mirrror.
Paul also only managed 1 (very welcome though) fish a 33.00 mirror.
Cliff Creed also left it late, as did Neil ‘Freddie’ Pentecost with 1 carp each at 36.06 and 25.12 respectively.
A very, very hard week was had by all but Stuarts last minute capture of the common at over 60lb made things seem a little sweeter!
Look forward to the younger members’ return in October when team Creed/Wills will show the rest of you how it’s done!!! (Well I hope so).

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