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27 July 2013

The next group of anglers to join us were Wayne (Frank) Richardson’s group from Lincolnshire (with one from Essex).
These lads have fished a lot in France and Spain and they were not under any illusions in respect of their chances for the week ahead due to the still very high temperatures we have been having.
The first to catch on the Sunday was Mark ‘Masher’ Marsland who had a pretty 25.14 mirror. Later that evening we had a very strong storm that took out 4 trees including one of the big poplars near the 2nd point that ended up in the stock pond and blocked the track around the lake. Dave ‘Donk’ Fletcher had a very luck escape when a bow of a tree landed on the top of his brand new bivvy bending one of the poles thankfully everyone came through the storm unscathed. Wendy was frantically texting Frank from the house to check everyone was OK as we had visions of bivvy’s ending up in the lake!
Anyway back to the fishing, Frank managed 2 fish which were 32.12 and 31.04, Michael (Dors) Doran had 1 fish weighing 24.04, and Jules Gordon managed to beat his PB when he landed the Cut Tail common weighing 54.04. I think they heard the whoops and screams of delight in St Menehould! Jules also had a mirror at 32lb. Masher moved to a swim opposite his original and tempted more carp which included a new PB mirror at 45.04 and 2 more weighing 26.04 and 37.01 Well done Masher –  good move mate!
This week will also be remembered for the ‘bike wars’ between Masher, Jules & Frank, who throughout the week were stealing and
hiding the bikes at all hours of the day and night..we will try and get a bike for all of you guys next time!!!
All in all a hard week again due to the weather but a good week socially, and well done all for keeping your spirits up.

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