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24 May 2014

This week we were joined by a mixture of anglers.
Anthony Briggs (Holland) who is one of our most frequent visitors was back for his second trip this year after a not very productive session for him back in early April. This time was a totally different story after having 2 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s Anthony moved up one swim and changed his  bait and managed to smash his PB for a mirror when he landed one of our big girls at 58.04lbs, great move Ant and really well deserved.
Robin Martin and his brother in law John Pound (Sussex) were back for their second visit after struggling early last year, and Robin rewrote the record books again when he managed to have 2 x 60’s in the week, one at 60.12 and the other at 60.01lb!! This is a first for Moulinots, and Robin also had 1 x 50, 7 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s a truly great week in anyone’s book. Robin also had the time to help out when some of the other lads were struggling, a very unselfish thing to do, thanks Robin and well done on your amazing week.
John faired a bit better than last year having 4 fish.
Darren Irani (Surrey) was top rod with 18 fish including, 3 x 40’s, 4 x 30’s and 11 x 20’s, a great result on your first trip, lets hop you can get amongst the bigger fish in September Darren.
Danny Birch and his friend Carl (Norfolk) doubled up in the Dead Tree swim and managed 17 fish between them, Danny having 14 of these, 2 x 40’s, 5 x 30’s and 7 x 20’s. Carl’s fish were all in the 20’s.
Robert Godfrey (Norfolk) was joining us for his first french fishing trip, along with his partner Donna.  Robert only managed to bank 1 mid twenty while he was with us, but I’m sure you’ll get amongst them next time we see you Robert , and thanks to you and Donna for the gifts you left us, we look forward to seeing you both in September 2016.
Now to the other 3 lads who come to us from Holland – Kevin Doherty (Irish!) had 2 mid thirties, Craig Bolton (English!) had a mid twenty and Craig Brown (Scottish!) sadly didn’t catch this time after trying various different tactics, it just wasn’t meant to be this time Craig.

Another good week overall especially after the previous weeks results, although very mixed from one angler to another.

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17 May 2014

Next we were joined by another regular group that we look forward to seeing every year.
Paul Vickerstaffs group mainly from Surrey have been coming to Moulinots for many years and had never turned up when the fish are starting to spawn, sadly this year was the exception!
Only 13 fish were landed all week but there was still a special moment on their final day when Stuart Creed (Surrey) managed to beat the lake record and land the first common over 60 lb when he caught the Dip Back common at 64lbs!! A very special moment for all that witnessed it, thanks lads for the early morning call, it was great to see her. Stuart had 2 other fish during the week at 34 and 23lbs.
Newboy Mitch ‘Derek’ Plowman (Surrey) had 4 fish, 1 x 40, 2 x 30’s and 1 x 20. Not a bad result Derek, hopefully see you back in October if your allowed!
Dale Vickerstaff had 2 fish in the 20’s, so also lost the wager he had with Stuart!!
Dave ‘Sir Pellanore’ Pritchard (some weird golf club name!) had one fish a 34.12mirrror.
Paul also only managed 1 (very welcome though) fish a 33.00 mirror.
Cliff Creed also left it late, as did Neil ‘Freddie’ Pentecost with 1 carp each at 36.06 and 25.12 respectively.
A very, very hard week was had by all but Stuarts last minute capture of the common at over 60lb made things seem a little sweeter!
Look forward to the younger members’ return in October when team Creed/Wills will show the rest of you how it’s done!!! (Well I hope so).

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10 May 2014

This week we welcomed Dave Tucker and Alan Gosnell’s group from Essex and London and the W Mids. They all arrived in our local town the previous night so that they could arrive to us all refreshed, but sadly this didn’t happen as they found a local restaurant/bar and attempted to drink it dry! They were not a pretty sight on Saturday morning…. you will learn lads!!
Dave and Alan were part of the group of lads that helped us in the construction of the new swims earlier in the year, so they were itching to try them out.
Dave was to celebrate his birthday during his stay and what a week it turned out to be for him! He had 9 fish in total including 3 x 50’s (inc new 58.01 PB common), 1 x 40, 1 x 30, and 4 x 20’s.
Alan also had an amazing session when he managed to join the Sixty club with a mirror at 60.02 and he also had 2 x 40’s, and 2 x 30’s. Well done to the pair of you but richly deserved after all the hard work.
Top rod for the week was Gary Pymont (Essex) who managed 12 fish, though no big girls he did have 3 x 40’s, 4 x 30’s, and 5 x 20’s.
Steve Miller had his best ever result at Moulinots with an 8 fish haul including, 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s, and 3 x 20’s, well done to you both and we will be trying your choosen bait at the lake in the coming months.
Moulinot regular Craig Ratcliffe (W Mids) also had 8 fish, 1 x 50, 2 x 40’s,3 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s – another good result for Craig who seems to have the right approach here after struggling on his first few visits to the lake ( although this could have been down to your alcohol intake back then Craig!).
New boy Andy ‘Paddy’ Padmore (Essex) also had a good week with 6 fish including, 1 x 40, 3 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s  – a good result Paddy for a first visit.
Chris Felstead (Essex) returning with the group managed 4 fish including a lovely new PB mirror on Friday afternoon at 54lbs. Chris also had 1 x 40 and 2 x 30’s.
Brian Felton also beat his PB with a 53.00lb mirror, and this was backed up by 4 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Another newbie Paul Gormley got straight amongst the fish on Saturday afternoon with a new PB at 28.08 lbs, this was beaten on the Monday afternoon with a 35.05 mirror, sadly these were the only catches for Paul during the week.
Another great week with a 60 banked and 6 x 50’s and 5 new PBs – well done to all of you and see some of you later this year.

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3 May 2014

Visiting us this week was Gordon Woods group from Kent and after the battering the previous week I thought again fishing would be hard, and again I was wrong!
Records continued to fall when early on Tuesday morning I received a call to say that Steve Wood (Kent) had broken the lake record with a mirror weighing 69.00lb and to say we were pleased is probably the biggest understatement of the year so far! All the fish seemed to be packing the weight on, this is due to the very mild winter and also they are now getting a regular feed during the winter/closed season.
As well as the new lake record Steve also had 4 thirties and 1 x 20 during his week – well done Steve, what a great result!
Jared Collins( Kent ) also had a new PB when he caught a lovely 52.05 mirror,  followed by 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Gordon was into the fish straight away and managed 9 fish including 1 x 50, 6 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
50’s man Mark Lewis managed 1 x 50 this trip but it was a good one, a new PB common at 57.12. He also banked  1 x 40, 2 x 30’s, 6 x 20’s and a very rare low double!
Marks friend John Bullini was on for a second blank in a row at Moulinots but saved it on the last morning with a new PB common at 40lb. Well done John the pressure is now off for next time.
Steve Bryant (Devon) must be one of the most laid back anglers we’ve seen here, but he still manages to winkle a few out, this time he had 9 fish including, 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s, and 4 x 20’s.
Stewart wood (Kent) only managed 1 fish this time which was a 35lb common.
Adrian ford (Kent) also only managed 1 fish but it was a lovely 45.02 mirror, the smile on his face in the photos show how relieved he was to catch this fish!
Finally yours truly was allowed to dangle a line in for a couple of days and I managed to bank 4 fish including 1 x 40, 1 x 30 and 2 x 20’s.

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26 April 2014

Next to join us were a regular group from Sussex, Kent and Yorkshire – some of the lads were part of the group that had over 100 fish in September 2013.
After the previous week’s success I didn’t think the lake would fish so well again straight away, but how wrong I was!
The first fish was landed early on Saturday afternoon and this fell to Graham Renn (Yorks) who landed a 44.10 mirror. Graham went on to have 10 fish during the week, 3 x 50’s (2 of which were new PBs caught within a hour of each other), 3 x 40’s, 3 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Graham’s friend Andy Sopp (Sussex) was top rod with 13 fish which included, 1 x 50, 3 x 30’s, 8 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Alan Sands (Kent) managed to stay in his swim this time and caught 10 fish, these were 2 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s, and 6 x 20’s.
Roy Foster (Sussex) had 8 fish, 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s, and 3 x 20’s.
Newboy Ian French (Sussex) had the trip of a lifetime when he smashed his PB with a 58.04 common in his 5 fish haul, this was backed up by another common at 51.08  and 2 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Mark Longhurst (Sussex) had a slow first couple of days then beat his PB mirror and common in 24 hours! The mirror weighed 57.04 and then he had the Dip Back common at 59.07…he also had 3 fish in the 20’s.
Ian Stevenson (Sussex) also had a new PB common at 51.08, as well as 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Justin Jenner (Sussex) also had a 50 when he landed a 50lb mirror, and finally caught the much wanted 40 he had never had when packing up on Saturday morning (perhaps you’ll stop moaning now Just!!). Justin also landed 3 x 30’s and 3 x 20’s.
John Brown (Sussex), one of our most senior anglers, also had a 50 – a 50.14 mirror amongst his 6 fish, the others were 3 x 40’s 1 x 30, and 1 x 20.
Johns son Craig (Sussex) managed 7 fish – 3 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s.
So the previous weeks new record of 8 x 50’s didn’t last very long with the lads setting a new record of 11 x 50’s.
Well done to all of you see you later in the year.

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19 April 2014

After the previous hectic week we then had our first visit of the year from ‘The Dartford Boys’ who this time were joined by John and Pip Chambers (Dartford)
Also returning with the lads were our lake record holder Ste Alford (Teeside) and his mate Dean Crust (Teeside)
Starting where he left off last year Ste Alford had a 54.06 common on Saturday afternoon, and just carried on catching throughout the week ending up with 10 fish in total including, 1 x 50, 2 x 40’s, 4 x 30’s and 3 x 20’s.
Deano also had a great week with 12 fish with the highlight being a brace of forties on Tuesday afternoon, his biggest fish of the week was a 47.08 mirror and his haul included 3 x 40’s, 5 x 30’s, and 4 x 20’s.
Phil Gilham (Kent) also had a great week when he caught his previous PB mirror at a new PB weight of 59.13lbs! His 8 fish haul included 1 x 50, 3 x 40’s and 4 x 30’s.
Martin Hewett also had a new PB when he caught a stunning 59.08 common, his 9 fish total included 2 x 50’s, 1 x 40, 1 x3 0 and 5 x 20’s.
Graham Tree struggled early in the week but came back with a vengeance in the second half of the week catching 3 x 50’s in the last 24 hours! He ended up with 7 fish for the week including 3 x 50’s, 1 x 40,1 x 30 and 2 x 20’s. It was nice to finally see Graham with a smile on his face, after he had seen the other lads catching on his special “wafters” at the beginning of the week when he was struggling for a bite.
Swell (Dartford) had 6 fish, including 1 x 40,3 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s and Mel Meredith also did well for the amount of time his rods were actually in the water, managing 7 fish, 1 x 40, 2 x 30’s and 4 x 20’s – you must have one of the best catch ratios to time lines are actually in the water Mel!
John Chambers had only 4 fish, 1 x 30 and 3 x 20’s, and John’s brother Pip sadly didn’t catch this time but still enjoyed himself.
A great weeks fishing Boys with a new record for 50’s in a week at 8, and also 2 new PB’s – something I didn’t expect at the beginning of the week looking at the PBs you have had.

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12 April 2014

On the 12th of April we were pleased to welcome back Brian Warman’s group that were our first customers last year in very, very cold conditions. This year the group were joined by 2 new members, Will ‘Shep’ Sheppard (Yorks) and Paul Schoeffer (Essex).
The weather was the total opposite to last years freezing conditions with sunshine all of the week, and first to catch was newboy Paul who didn’t take much time to beat his PB when he landed a 30.02 common early on the Saturday evening, and managed to up his PB with the other 2 fish he had, both mirrors at 34lb and 34.06.
Will was next off the mark when he had a 31.12m on Sunday morning, he also caught another 2 fish during the week, a 35.04 common and a very welcome new PB mirror at 52.04.
Ian “Jumpy” Johnson (Yorks) also smashed his PB with his only fish of the week a 45.08 mirror. Will and Ian managed to get me to take them to our local village for a ‘Little Celebratory Drink’  but more on that another time as its still a sore point in my household – (Thanks lads!)
Group organizer Brian Warman (London) had the biggest fish of the week, a lovely mirror and new PB for him at 54.00lb, and Brian also had a 43lb mirror and 36.02 mirror… well done Brian, biggest fish and most alcohol consumed for the week! But richly deserved.
Brian’s son Jon (Essex) was top rod again this year banking 5 fish this time including a new PB mirrror at 46.06, followed by 4 more mirrors at 33.06, 26.08, 26.04 and 24.02.
After struggling last year Lee Daniels (Essex) started to panic after not managing to catch a fish until Wednesday afternoon, a very welcome 30lb mirror, but then Lee had another 3 fish including a new PB common at 36lb and 2 mirrors at 30.10 and 32.08 – well done Lee, a much better result than last year.
Jantz Thompson (Essex) had a hard week with only 1 fish, a 33.09 common. This was mainly due to the weather conditions during the week being against Jantz, but all in all it was a great week, good banter and more importantly some lovely fish landed.
We now have over a year until we welcome you back (need that to recover from the Bailys!). Also look forward to seeing some of you lads on our charity week in 2015, I’m sure it will be a great success! Over to you Shep!

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May 2014

The following table shows the top 20 carp caught during the months of May 2014

Date Angler Fish Weight
 06/05  Steve Wood (Kent) *PB*   **LAKE RECORD** 69.00 M
 24/05  Stuart Creed (Surrey) *PB*  *LAKE RECORD COMMON* 64.00 C
 30/05  Robin Martin (Sussex) 60.12 M
 15/05  Alan Gosnell (Essex) *PB* 60.02 M
 27/05  Robin Martin (Sussex)  60.01 M
 01/05  Andy Sopp (Sussex)  58.09 C
 28/05  Anthony Briggs (Holland) *PB*  58.04 M
 15/05  Dave Tucker (Essex) *PB* 58.01 C
 08/05  Mark Lewis (Kent) *PBC* 57.12 C
 16/05  Chris Felstead (Essex) *PB* 54.00 M
 12/05  Dave Tucker  (Essex) 53.10 M
 15/05  Brian Felton (Essex) *PB* 53.00 M
 14/05  Craig Ratcliffe (W Mids) 52.10 M
 07/05  Jared Collins (Kent) *PB* 52.05 M
 27/05  Robin Martin (Sussex) 52.02 C
 02/05  Graham Renn (Yorks) 51.01 C
 08/05  Gordon Wood (Kent) 50.06 M
 13/05  Dave Tucker (Essex) 50.05 M
 27/05  Darren Irani (Surrey) 49.13 C
 30/05  Robin Martin (Sussex) 48.00 C

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5 April 2014

Next to join us was a mixture of groups – Firstly we had a new look Lee Wilmshurst (Bedfordshire) who since his last visit in June last year has lost an incredible 5 stone! Well done Lee for all your hard work – we almost didn’t recognise you!! Also with Lee were his mates Lee Simmonds and Chris Cook from Herts/London.
Chris had a much better result than his previous visit when he managed to smash his PB with his first fish which was a lovely 52.02 mirror, which he followed with 3 more at 32.08, 30.03 and 28.08.
Lee Simmonds who had the session of a lifetime last year only managed 2 fish this time around which were both mirrors at 33.04 and 33lb. However Lee Wilmshurst (who still holds the record for most fish in a week) managed to join the 50 club  while he was with us with a 55.03 common, and he also had another common at 41.02 and 3 mirrors weighing 37lb, 29lb and 27lb.
Mark Camp and James Tozer (Sussex) were also returning customers with James back to try and better his blank session he endured in the very cold March last year, and this year it looked like going the same way until in the early hours of the last day he managed a new PB with a 42.04 mirror – well done James your enthusiasm never wavered throughout the week and your PB was so richly deserved!
Mark managed 5 fish, mirrors at 41.09, 31 and 27.04, and 2 commons weighing in at 41.14 and 32.14.
Sharing Social Corner with James was one of our most regular customers Anthony Briggs from Holland, who also left it late to catch but banked 3 fish, mirrors at 34lbs and 39.13 and a common weighing 31.14. I suspect that the Bromance between Anthony and James may well be over after they have shared a swim on their last 2 visits, but only time will tell!
Chris Jones and Bernie Robins (Cheshire) managed 7 fish between them with Bernie having 4 mirrors at 32lb, 31.08, 23lb and 21.12 and Chris had 3 mirrors at 24.08, 22.11 and 22.10.
Sadly Neil Brewer and Shane Farmer from Wiltshire struggled this time around and didn’t manage to catch, better luck next time lads!
The weather was warm most of the week and the bigger fish seemed to be laying up and a lot more smaller ones were caught, but this started to change the following week. Total fish for the week was 28, with 2 x 50’s, 5 x 40’s, 11 x 30’s and 9 x2 0’s with an average weight of 32.07lbs.

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