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6 April 2013

In the 3rd week of the season we welcomed our old friends Gordon Wood (Surrey) and Simon Bullen (Kent) group. It was strange being the owner/operator this time around as I have fished at Moulinots with this bunch of lads for many years.

First of the mark this week was Stuart The Terminator’ Wood (Surrey) who landed the first fish of the week a 29.12 Mirror at 3.30 on saturday afternoon. Greg Wood (Berks) had a 25lb Common on the sunday evening. The next fish out was to Mark Lewis (Kent) who on his 3rd trip within a year had a 28lb Linear early on the monday morning. This was then followed by 2 fish to Greg Wood, a 31.08 mirror and and 23.02 Mirror. The weather was still very cold and there were no more fish out until early on the wednesday morning when Simon Bullen (Kent) landed 4 fish – a 39lb Common, a 24lb Mirror, a 48.07 Mirror and a 28.04 Mirror. Stuart Wood then had a PB 40.09 Mirror which was then beaten by a new PB 48.04 Mirror that he had a few hours later.

Adrain Ford (Kent) had only one fish for the week, a 28.10 Mirror. Gordon Wood (Surrey) desperately trying not to be outdone by his brother Stuart , the Newbie, then had a 27lb Mirror. Early on the thursday morning Mark Lewis (Kent) had a lovely 42.04 Common and Simon Bullen had another Mirror at 30.10. Things then went a little crazy for Gordon who had 3 fish in two hours which were 25.12, 25.07 and 23.07 – although all small for Gordon’s usual standards, they were very welcome. Simon then had an amazing brace of 40’s, which included a 48.10 Mirror and a 42.08 Common. Well done mate, richly deserved. He then followed this with a 25.04 Mirror. Gordon then had his 5th and biggest fish of the week, a 36lb Mirror. Then came one of Moulinots special moments when Simon landed a stunning 52.06 PB Common, which though not very long was at least 9 inches across the shoulders – one to watch for the future!! A great moment Si, in front of a small crowd watching on in the pouring rain.

Stuart Neale (Surrey) had his only fish of the week on Friday morning, a 35lb Mirror. Stuart Wood then had his 4th fish of the week, a 33lb Mirror – a great result Stuart on your first visit to Moulinots. Steve Bryant (Devon) had his only fish of the week early on the friday evening, a 39.02 Common. Well done Steve after a difficult week. After moving from first point, Mark Lewis had 2 fish on the saturday morning – a 46.10 Mirror and a 29.04 Mirror.

All in all a great week after a slow start – amazing from Wednesday onwards when the weather changed. Some really special moments during the week, look forward to seeing you guys later in the week. Total weight for the week was 956.12 lb. There were 28 fish – 1 x 50, 7 x 40’s, 7 x 30’s and 13 20’s. Average weight for the week was 34.14.

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30 March 2013

For the second week of the season we welcomed Moulinots regular Paul White and his group from Sussex, another Moulinots regular Anthony Briggs from Holland and a new group of 3 anglers from the West Midlands, headed by Spencer Powell and his wife Yvonne. The weather was still very cold but things look promising on the Saturday afternoon when Mark Camp (Sussex) landed a lovely 39.14 Mirror at 4pm. Sadly there were no other fish out until the tuesday morning at 6am when Anthony Briggs (Holland) landed the cut-tail Common at 55.14, a new PB for Anthony. A great result as it was from a swim that Anthony had longed to fish for many years. Fishing stayed slow until the wednesday evening, when Spencer Powell (W Mids) landed a Mirror at 28.01, followed shortly after by a stunning looking Mirror at 26.06. Things really kicked off on the thursday morning when Paul White (Sussex) landed a new PB Mirror at 52.00lb. Anthony then had a 23lb Mirror and Spencer has two more fish at 25.07 and 27.06 respectively. Not to be outdone by Paul’s early morning capture, Jim Tozer (Sussex) caught a PB Mirror at 37.04 after a move into the Lodge swim. He then followed this with a 34.09 Mirror a few hours later.

Fishing continued to go well into the friday morning when Gary Enwood (Sussex) landed two Commons at 30lb and 27.08. Mark Camp (Sussex) then had a 26lb Common. This was followed by an amazing 15 minutes in Paul White’s swim, when he had 3 fish on at the same time!! He managed to land two of them, a 36lb Mirror and a 29lb Mirror. Perhaps next time Paul you will manage to land all 3!!! James (Tigger) Tozer (Sussex) then landed his only fish of the week, a 29.01 Common. Alas, this was not on his rods but Anthony’s. Lets hope you have a better result next time Bud, as it wasn’t for the want of trying!!

Mark Camp then had another Mirror at 23.03, Paul White had his 4th fish of the week, a 26.04 Mirror, and then Phil Squire (W Mids) pulled out his only fish of the week, a 38.03 PB Common. Spencer (after his 3rd move of the week!) had his biggest fish of the week late on the friday evening, a well deserved 37.05 Mirror. Well done Spencer, top rod on your first visit to Moulinots. Hope you enjoyed the Easter Egg!!

All in all another hard week due the weather being below freezing on occasions, but a great effort by all the lads on the lake. Total weight for the week was 652.01lb, Total fish was 20 – 11 x 20’s, 7 x 30’s and 2 x 50’s. Average weight for the week was 32.06lb.

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23 March 2013

After a long two year wait, the day finally came to welcome our first group of anglers as the new owners of Etang des Moulinots. The group included anglers from South East London, Essex & South Yorks and after a very cold tour of the lake, the anglers picked where they wanted to fish without the need for a draw – another first for Moulinots! The first fish of the season was landed by Mark Goss (Essex) on the Sunday, a 25.04 PB mirror – the first of many bottles of Moulinots vintage given away with the first fish on the bank. Then the Jon Warman (Essex) Show started – Jon landed 5 fish, which included three upper 20’s, a 37.00 lb Mirror and a stunning 46.08 PB Common – great fishing Jon, and in VERY cold conditions. It just proves that watching the water as you did pays dividends.

Ian Johnson (S Yorks) had 1 fish, a 35.00lb Mirror, which I am sure the rest of the group were sick of hearing about on the way home in the minibus…! Lee Daniels then landed a 27.08 Mirror after Jon unselfishly let him move into his swim. Owen had one fish, a 25.06 PB Mirror late on the Friday night.

A great effort lads in very cold conditions with a bitterly north-easterly wind blowing for most of the week. Thanks for a great week, we couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of lads to start us off on our Moulinots journey – look forward to seeing you next year!!

Summary – Bitterly cold north-easterly wind with temperatures down to minus 5. Total fish for the week was 9, with 1 x 40, 2 x 30’s and 6 20’s. Average weight for the week was 31.04.


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