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13 April 2013

For our fourth week we welcomed Dave Tucker & Alan Gosnell’s group from Essex & Craig Ratcliffe from Birmingham.

Craig was fishing Moulinots this time around without his wingman and drinking partner Mark, but this didnt seem to affect him as he got straight into the fish on the Saturday with a 26.06 Mirror and a 24lb Common. His next fish wasnt until Monday PM, when he landed a lovely 42.12 Mirror. This was followed on Tuesday by 5 Mirrors at 42.10, 33.06, 24.00, 28.10 & a 30.08. Early on the wednesday morning, Craig’s dream of a Moulinots Fifty came true when he had a 50.06 Mirror. This was followed on the thursday by a 48lb Common and what must be the smallest carp in Moulinots a very pretty 15.08 little Mirror. Well done Craig on the weeks fishing and well deserved Top Rod status.

Brian Felton (Essex) and his son Luke fishing together in a double swim had 3 fish – Brian’s being a 28lb Common and Luke a 41.00 Mirror on Thursday (PB) followed by another PB at 48.08 in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Ex Moulinots record holder for the most fish in a week, Gary Pymont (Essex) had 5 fish – a 28.09 Common, and Mirrors of 38.09, 33.06, 33.00 & 23.01. His mate Steve Miller also had 5 fish – the biggest of which was a 32.00lb Mirror which was backed up with 2 Commons at 29.01 & 27.04 and another 2 Mirrors at 26.14 & 26.01.

Alan & Dave had a quiet week with Alan only having 2 Mirrors, a 29.04 and a 27.10. Dave faired a bit better with 3 fish, which were a 47.00 Mirror, a 43.04 PB Common and a 26.12 Mirror.

Thanks lads for all your help throughout the week, looking forward to your return later in the year.

Total fish for the week was 33, total weight was 1071.11lb/oz and the average weight for the week was 32.04, which breaks down to 1 x 15, 17 x 20’s, 6 x 30’s, 8 x 40’s & 1 x 50.

All in all it was quite a difficult week with big changes in wind direction and temperatures.


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