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11 May 2013

Next we were graced with the long awaited arrival of one of Dave and Kathy’s (the previous owners) favourite regular groups, Paul Vickerstaff’s group mainly from Surrey and one member from that retirement town on the south coast Bexhill on Sea. There was a lovely surprise on the Saturday evening when Ed handed out their new hoodies for this year  with the logo ‘Etang des Moulinots – the New Era’ and there was even one for me (Terry) too – very touching guys, thank you!!
The elder statesman of the group Dave Pritchard (Bexhill on Sea) decided he would fish the now vacated lodge swim, which
proved to be a good choice as on the first afternoon Dave had a 24lb common, and Chris Walton (Surrey) was the only other person to catch on the first day when he had a 28.10 mirror.
Chris had 1 more fish on Sunday, a 28.09 mirror, Freddie Pentecost (Surrey) had 2 fish – a PB common at 40lb and another common at 27lb, Andrew Nash (Surrey) had a 38.08 mirror, and then we had 2 bigger fish grace the bank, a PB for Dave Pritchard a 51.15mirror, then the Moulinots record holder for a common Dale Vickerstaff (Surrey) had another big common at 55.08.
Monday produced another 7 fish – Andrew Nash  had 2 forty mirrors at 41.02 and 46lb, Ed Wragg (surrey) opened his account with a pair of mirrors at 36.06 and 30.10, Dale had another common, a 35lber, and Dave also had another fish, a 33lb mirrror.  The loudest member of the group Mark Creed (Surrey) had a 29.08 mirror.
The lads went one better on Tuesday with 8 fish – 2 for Dave (31.02 and 28.08) also 2 for twenties expert (only joking) Stuart Creed (Surrey) at 27.07 and a 27.05.
Freddie had a 31.14 mirror and Mark had a 37.10 mirror, and then we had another 2 fifties grace the bank! With 2 new PBs, a 50lb mirror for Andrew and a 53.04 common for Ed.
Wednesday produced 10 fish! 8 of these falling to father and son Mark and Stuart Creed, Stuart having 5 at 33.12, 27.12, 27.10, 26.08, and 22.10. Dad Mark had 3 thirties at 34lb, 31.08,and 30.02. Dave had another mirror at 29.09 then Chris finished the day with a 27lb mirror.
Stuart had another 3 fish on the Thursday, commons at 37.08 and 27.08 and a mirror at 33.08. Dale added another 2 to his total with a couple of lovely mirrors at 39.14 and 46.14. The highlight of the day went to another member of the Creed family, Cliff who landed his only fish of the week at an amazing 57lb! Well worth the wait Cliff 😉 Mark Creed had another 2 commons at 27lb and 25lb, Ed landed a common at 29.14 and then Chris, who was leaving us the next morning along with Mark and Cliff, had a mirror at 29.10 followed by 3 more fish in the early hours of Friday – all mirrors, at 48.02, 28.10 and 27.06. Stuart then took over the proceedings by adding 5 more fish to his total on Friday and Saturday to win the comp money for him and his partner. Paul didn’t have his usual results here but I’m sure he will make amends next year.

Thanks for a great week guys, and looking forward to seeing you all next year.


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