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12 April 2014

On the 12th of April we were pleased to welcome back Brian Warman’s group that were our first customers last year in very, very cold conditions. This year the group were joined by 2 new members, Will ‘Shep’ Sheppard (Yorks) and Paul Schoeffer (Essex).
The weather was the total opposite to last years freezing conditions with sunshine all of the week, and first to catch was newboy Paul who didn’t take much time to beat his PB when he landed a 30.02 common early on the Saturday evening, and managed to up his PB with the other 2 fish he had, both mirrors at 34lb and 34.06.
Will was next off the mark when he had a 31.12m on Sunday morning, he also caught another 2 fish during the week, a 35.04 common and a very welcome new PB mirror at 52.04.
Ian “Jumpy” Johnson (Yorks) also smashed his PB with his only fish of the week a 45.08 mirror. Will and Ian managed to get me to take them to our local village for a ‘Little Celebratory Drink’ ┬ábut more on that another time as its still a sore point in my household – (Thanks lads!)
Group organizer Brian Warman (London) had the biggest fish of the week, a lovely mirror and new PB for him at 54.00lb, and Brian also had a 43lb mirror and 36.02 mirror… well done Brian, biggest fish and most alcohol consumed for the week! But richly deserved.
Brian’s son Jon (Essex) was top rod again this year banking 5 fish this time including a new PB mirrror at 46.06, followed by 4 more mirrors at 33.06, 26.08, 26.04 and 24.02.
After struggling last year Lee Daniels (Essex) started to panic after not managing to catch a fish until Wednesday afternoon, a very welcome 30lb mirror, but then Lee had another 3 fish including a new PB common at 36lb and 2 mirrors at 30.10 and 32.08 – well done Lee, a much better result than last year.
Jantz Thompson (Essex) had a hard week with only 1 fish, a 33.09 common. This was mainly due to the weather conditions during the week being against Jantz, but all in all it was a great week, good banter and more importantly some lovely fish landed.
We now have over a year until we welcome you back (need that to recover from the Bailys!). Also look forward to seeing some of you lads on our charity week in 2015, I’m sure it will be a great success! Over to you Shep!

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