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13 July 2013

Two of the next groups to arrive had very long journies to get to us.¬†Firstly we welcomed Darren Noddings’s group from Middlesbrough and then Scott Roper and Matt Torrence from Manchester, who were accompanied by their other halves, Rachel and Emma. We also we had Jay Mitchell and Jay Ward from Notts and Essex.

The weather was very hot again all week so not great for the lads fishing but the girls on their first french trip didn’t seem to mind as they managed to get a lot of time to work on their tans.
Top rod for the week went to Darren who worked his swim tirelessly, he managed to catch 8 fish with the largest being a 41lb mirror and he also had 3 thirties, a good result when you consider the amount of fish out and the weather. Next I must mention Paul Richardson who though in a wheelchair would put more able bodied anglers to shame! He managed 4 fish with the biggest being a 42.08 mirror. Paul Harlow had 5 fish which included 2 forties at 43.11 and 42.10, and Mikey only had 2 fish in the twenties a shame as he worked hard on his fishing all week as well.
Highlight of the week went to Scott, when he beat his previous PB with a 37.13 mirror only to smash that the next day when he landed a lovely 49lb common, well done mate! There was much excitement from the girls, who by this point were really getting into the fishing! Matt only managed to have 1 fish, a mid twenty mirror but I’m sure you will fair better when you return later this year lads as hopefully the weather will be kinder for you.
Sadly Jay and Jay didn’t manage to catch but are also returning to us next year so Moulinots is still weaving its magic!!


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