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15 June 2013

This week we were joined by 3 different groups. Firstly we had John Ellerton (Yorkshire) and his wife Mandy (non fishing guest) and their son Jamie. Jamie was straight into the fish from the off having a 26.08 mirror and he also managed another fish on Saturday evening, a 29.08 Mirror. Jamie had another 5 fish after moving down to the shallows the weights were as follows – mirrors at 35.08, 34.02, 26.04, and 22.08, plus he also had a common weighing 33.02.
Jamie also used the skills he learnt whilst serving for the British forces when he had to make a cover for his bivvy that started to leak in the torrential rain, and while not very pleasing to the eye in definitely worked a treat!!
John only managed to tempt 1 carp during the week but at least it was a reasonable weight at 49.04!
Brothers Martin (Essex) and Adrian (Hants) Chalk were fishing next to each other on the social corner with Martin taken all the spoils in the week with a tremendous haul including a new PB 54lb common, a 35.08 common and a 30.09 common. He also had mirrors at 49.08, 47.08 and 36lb! Adrian sadly didn’t manage any fish but did take some great photos for his brother, especially in the early hours of the morning in the thunder and lightening – very dramatic!
Top rod award for the week went to Brian Bartlett (W Mids) who managed a credible 9 fish in sometimes difficult weather conditions – his tally included 7 mirrors at 37.12, 35.12, 32.10, 30.08, 29.12, 29.04 and also 25.04.
Brian also had 2 commons weighing in at 29.04 and 27lb respectively. Well done Brian and hopefully when you return in September next year I’m sure you will be able to tempt some bigger fish.
Glenn Ward (Herefordshire) managed 2 fish after also moving to the shallower end of the lake, and although not big fish they were very welcome – these were both commons at 27.08 and 29lb.
I managed to fish for a couple of nights but packed up to allow the other lads to fish the shallows. I managed 5 fish at the following weights – mirrors at 42.06, 39.12, 32.08, 31.06 and also a common at 23lb.
Total fish for the week 30
Average weight 33.08
Good result all in all as weather very changeable with storms and heavy rain then very hot.

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