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17 August 2013 – Charity Week

We first talked about organising a charity week late last year and decided that all profits made would be donated to the Meningitis Trust in memory Tom Allen, a young lad that we knew who tragically lost his life to this disease at the age of only 24.
We decided that we would allow 6 teams of 2 anglers to fish, this was advertised on our Facebook page and website and we were pleasantly surprised by the responses we got and places sold out within days. We wanted the week to be a very relaxed format but with all lake rules to be abided to for obvious reasons.
The 6 teams were as follows – Team Towie– Rob Johnson and Brad (Hank) Gray, Team Optimum -Simon Bullen and Charlie Bastock, Team Blank -Paul White and Gareth Cook, Team Muddy Waters – Mark Walters and Matthew Walters, Team Delkim – Mark Lewis and John Bellini and Team Hound – Paul Sheppard and Liam Sheppard.
The draw was done for the swims so that all team members were either fishing in the same swim if it was a double or so that each team member was in an adjacent swim to his partner for the start of the week.
First off the mark was Mark from Team Delkim who had a 33lb mirror and a lovely 54 lb common in the early hours of Sunday morning. Mark ended up with another 10 fish in the week including another big common weighing 50.08, he also had 2 forties, 5 thirties and 2 twenties, while his partner for the week John only managed 2 fish in their twenties. Well done Mark.
Next off the mark on Sunday morning was the youngest angler fishing this week 13 year old Charlie Bastock who was fishing alongside his uncle Simon in the Dead Tree swim. Charlie got off the mark with a mirror weighing 39.08, and he managed to tempt 3 more fish in the week including a 24 common and a 25.02 mirror, but the highlight of the week was his amazing 53.08 common! The way Charlie played and handled the fish on the bank was a delight to see but sorry about the soaking Charlie, but that is what you get for smashing your PB! Photos of Charlie’s capture can be seen on our facebook page and gallery page on our website, and he also managed to get himself a prize from one of the leading carp magazines after sending them his photo and report of his capture.
His Uncle Simon managed 3 fish, a 35.10 common and 2 mirrors at 30.08 and 27.06. Not one of Si’s best weeks with us but I know he got more pleasure helping and watching Charlie catch.
Paul White from Team Blank did the total opposite to blanking managing 9 fish including the biggest fish caught in the week, a 55.02 mirror and he also had 5 more mirrors at 40lb, 36 lb and 3 weighing 25lb. Pauls partner Gareth also managed a new PB when he caught a 42.02 mirror and he also had 2 more mirrors at 34lb and 31lb and one common weighing 28lb. Well done lads.
Mark and Matthew from Team Muddy Waters managed 7 fish between them including 4 For Mark, mirrors at 46 and 31lb, a linear at 29lb and a common weighing 33.02. His son Matthew had a new PB mirror at 35lb and a new PB common at 32.08 and he also managed a 27.10 Mirror.
Paul and Liam from Team Hound had 2 fish apiece inc a new PB for Liam, a 37.09 mirror and he also had a 26.09 common. His dad Paul also had a new PB when he caught a lovely 42.12 mirror. Paul also had another mirror at 35.06.
Now for Team Towie, who I must say didn’t catch their normal amount of fish but were the most entertaining team of the week,  especially Hank who won the swimming gala and kept every body ‘entertained’ when he transformed his swim into a version of the Sugarhut!! When they did fish, Hank and Rob managed to have 7 fish between them, 4 for Rob, mirrors at 33, 27 and 24lb and a common at 27lb and Hank had 3 fish in between his partying! These were a 36lb mirror and commons at 28 and 24lb.
All in all, the week went very well we managed to raise just under £2500 for the charity. Next years event is already being planned and we are hoping to be able to offer prizes for the teams for all their efforts. We would also like to thank everybody that participated and helped in any way with this years event. Terry and Wendy.

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