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20 April 2013

Moulinots regulars ‘The Dartford Boys’ x 5 were next to visit along with northen lads Steve ‘Alfie’ Alford and his mate Dean Crust. Also back on their second visit were Nick and Jim Gent and Nick’s friend Damon. First into the fish was Martin Hewett (Dartford) when he caught a 32 lb mirror on the Saturday evening which was quickly followed by a 22 lber for Dean Crust (Middlesbrough), then to finish the first evening off Swell (long cast) had a lovely 43lb mirror. The early hours of Sunday morning turned into the Graham Tree (Dartford) show, with Graham having 4 fish inc 3 commons at 39.00, 34.12, and 29.12, and then these were topped off with a new PB mirror for Graham at 55.00lb. The only other fish out on the Sunday was a 27.00lb mirror for Swell. Monday morning saw the first fish for Phil Gilham (Dartford) who had a nice 37lb common, Graham had 2 more fish at 29,02 and 30.06, Dean also landed another 26.10 common. Martin was back into the fish on Tuesday with a 42lb mirror, Dean then had a new PB 51,04 mirror, and 2 more fish at 24.08 and 32.10. He then thought he would have a little celebration along with Alfie and Martin at Graham’s swim. This turned out to be a big mistake as he had obviously not heard of the Dartford lads drinking reputation! Needless to say Dean didn’t look a pretty sight Wednesday morning (in fact all of Wednesday to be honest!).. You live and learn Dean!!! Swell had another 3 fish on Wednesday morning – commons at 26.00, 26.08 and 47.04, and Alfie got off the mark with a 28.08 mirror. Martin had 2 more fish at 31.12 and 42.00 lb, and Terry W (France) had a 22.04 mirror. Martin then landed 4 more fish on Thursday inbetween socialising with Graham and Wendy (she doesn’t need too much encouragement Martin and Graham where wine is concerned! Your dinner was nearly going to be late) These were all mirrors at 26.00 ,29.08, 30.08 and 43.00 lb. Damon then landed a PB Mirror at 49.00 lb followed by another fish at 37 lb. Terry had another common at 28.08.
Friday saw Nick and Jim Gent finally get off the mark after a hard week with Nick having 2 fish at 26.10 and 28.04. and Jim (Nick’s dad) not to be outdone had 3 fish – these were mirrors at 27.12 and 32.07 and a common at 25.02. Mel Meredith (Dartford) also got off the mark after a move along the bank a few swims with 2 fish at 29.03 and 36.00. Swell (sharing the same swim) also had another fish, a 36lb mirror. Martin topped up his weeks tally with 2 more fish at 29.10 and 32.08 making his total for the week 11 fish. The only other fish out on Friday were a very welcome 34.02 common for Phil, a 28.00 mirror for Alfie and a 32.10 mirror (caught on the zig) for Terry. Only 2 fish were landed on Saturday morning –  these were to Jim and Nick who had a 26.13 mirror and a 29.07 common respectively.  All in all a good week socially, especially for Wendy on the Dartford Boys’ red wine day! And Dylan our boxer dog has never had so much fuss and scrap bits (courtesy of Mr Hewett both at the table and under it – its going to be a new rule next year ‘no feeding the dog at the table’!!!!) Total fish for the week was 46 with an average weight of 32.13 lbs.  Good result all in all as weather was very hot for time of year with some days being 28 degrees. Look forward to seeing you all later in year.

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