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6 April 2013

In the 3rd week of the season we welcomed our old friends Gordon Wood (Surrey) and Simon Bullen (Kent) group. It was strange being the owner/operator this time around as I have fished at Moulinots with this bunch of lads for many years.

First of the mark this week was Stuart The Terminator’ Wood (Surrey) who landed the first fish of the week a 29.12 Mirror at 3.30 on saturday afternoon. Greg Wood (Berks) had a 25lb Common on the sunday evening. The next fish out was to Mark Lewis (Kent) who on his 3rd trip within a year had a 28lb Linear early on the monday morning. This was then followed by 2 fish to Greg Wood, a 31.08 mirror and and 23.02 Mirror. The weather was still very cold and there were no more fish out until early on the wednesday morning when Simon Bullen (Kent) landed 4 fish – a 39lb Common, a 24lb Mirror, a 48.07 Mirror and a 28.04 Mirror. Stuart Wood then had a PB 40.09 Mirror which was then beaten by a new PB 48.04 Mirror that he had a few hours later.

Adrain Ford (Kent) had only one fish for the week, a 28.10 Mirror. Gordon Wood (Surrey) desperately trying not to be outdone by his brother Stuart , the Newbie, then had a 27lb Mirror. Early on the thursday morning Mark Lewis (Kent) had a lovely 42.04 Common and Simon Bullen had another Mirror at 30.10. Things then went a little crazy for Gordon who had 3 fish in two hours which were 25.12, 25.07 and 23.07 – although all small for Gordon’s usual standards, they were very welcome. Simon then had an amazing brace of 40’s, which included a 48.10 Mirror and a 42.08 Common. Well done mate, richly deserved. He then followed this with a 25.04 Mirror. Gordon then had his 5th and biggest fish of the week, a 36lb Mirror. Then came one of Moulinots special moments when Simon landed a stunning 52.06 PB Common, which though not very long was at least 9 inches across the shoulders – one to watch for the future!! A great moment Si, in front of a small crowd watching on in the pouring rain.

Stuart Neale (Surrey) had his only fish of the week on Friday morning, a 35lb Mirror. Stuart Wood then had his 4th fish of the week, a 33lb Mirror – a great result Stuart on your first visit to Moulinots. Steve Bryant (Devon) had his only fish of the week early on the friday evening, a 39.02 Common. Well done Steve after a difficult week. After moving from first point, Mark Lewis had 2 fish on the saturday morning – a 46.10 Mirror and a 29.04 Mirror.

All in all a great week after a slow start – amazing from Wednesday onwards when the weather changed. Some really special moments during the week, look forward to seeing you guys later in the week. Total weight for the week was 956.12 lb. There were 28 fish – 1 x 50, 7 x 40’s, 7 x 30’s and 13 20’s. Average weight for the week was 34.14.

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