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22 June 2013

This week turned out to be one of those special weeks that you encounter when running a fishery in France. We welcomed Lee Wilmshurst (Bedfordshire) the record holder here at Moulinots for the most fish in a week (31) and his 2 mates, Lee Simmons (Herts) and Chris Cook (Herts) Also joining us was Joe Charmers’s group from Leicester and Coventry, Glyn Wardle and probably the most excited person I have seen turn up here so far – Ray Bates!!
Ray was first to catch when he had a new PB at 24lb..To say he was pleased is an understatement, and its lovely to see someone come over to France and not expect to ‘smash’a venue as a lot of anglers do. Ray ended up with a credible total of 7 fish for the week including a new PB at 47.04 and other fish weighing 37lb, 34lb (PB common), 30.12, 29.08, 29lb. Ray managed to beat his previous PB 4 times during the week – a massive well done to you Ray.
Glyn also managed to tempt 7 fish including commons at 41.08, 36.12 and 26lb and he also had 4 mirrors weighing in at 31 lb ,29lb and 2 at 26lb.
Group organiser Joe tried 3 different swims throughout the week and ended up in the lodge swim where he caught  4 fish weighing 35lb 2x 31lb, and a 27lber.
Then we come to the star of the week Lee Simmons who had a session of a lifetime!  Lee managed to catch  2 new PB’S, a stunning 57.12 mirror and a common weighing in at 55.14, but what he backed these fish up with was also unbelievable, he had 3 more commons weighing 49.04, 47.10 and 23.10 and 3 more mirrors at, 43lb, 30lb and 25.14 giving him an average weight for the week of over 41lb! Great fishing and really well deserved Lee.
Lee Wilmshurst didn’t have the result that he managed the previous year but still caught 4 fish, all only in the twenties and all mirrors weighing, 28.04, 27.12, 26.10 and 25.14. Lee is back with us later in the year and I’m sure he will fair a lot better.
Chris started the week well when on the Sunday he had a PB mirror at 32.08 and a smaller one weighing 23lb, but sadly though he didn’t manage any other fish but was a great photographer for Lee.
I managed to fish 3 nights as Wendy (the Boss) was back in the UK for a few days..;-) I fished down the shallower end and managed 7 fish at 40.08, 37.12, 37.02, 35.10, 33.11, 33.10 and 30.09 so a very pleasing little session for me as I managed to relieve Mr Wilmshurst of £5 for a little wager on the Friday night!
Total fish for the week 40
Average weight 33.07

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