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25 May 2013

Next we were joined by Moulinots regulars Rob Johnson (Essex) Anthony Briggs (Holland) on his second trip of the year,  my mate and lake record holder Adrian Ford (Kent), Paul Bradnock (Devon), Paul Brockson, and newcomers from Devon Jed Crocker, Ollie Bentley, Lloyd Dejdak and their mate from Wales James Green.

The rain continued to fall but this just made the fishing even better! Rob had 19 fish including what is a new record –  11 fish in 24 hours!! His tally included 2 fifty plus commons both weighing 51.04 although these were different fish! He also had 2 forties at 47.04 and 44.04, and he backed this up with 9 thirties! Great fishing Rob and well deserved for all your efforts.  The newsboys from Devon also had a great week with catches including 9 fish for Ollie Bentley, who after coming out low in the draw opted for the shallower end of the lake – a decision he wasn’t to happy with despite catching early on, but he kept at it and ended up with 2 forties weighing 48.04 and 46.04, and 4 x thirties. Jed had 2 fish on the Tuesday, a 37.12 common and a 28.04 mirror, and he had 3 more fish in the week topped off with a PB mirror at 56.12. Lloyd managed to catch 3 fish,  all thirties at 39.12, 31.04 and 30lb. James faired a little better having a total of 7 fish including 2 forties – a 44.14 and 42.08, and 1 thirty, a 31.00 common. Anthony only managed 1 fish this time but it was a 49.02 mirror. Paul Brockson also managed to lure only 1 fish,  a 29.02 mirror. Lastly my mate Ad, who only fished  2 nights managed to land 3 fish,  the biggest being 36.06, which was then  foll0wed by a 30.06 and a 28.08.

Terry W (France) fished 1 night and had a little 24lber!
A special mention to the ladies that joined  their partners this week – Wendy really enjoyed the female company after being surrounded by males most of the season to date! I must say I didn’t hear anyone of you moan about the horrible weather all week and it was lovely to see you at Moulinots and look forward to welcoming you back in the future,
Total fish for the week was 52 including 3 x 50’s  7 x 40’s and 20 x thirties, and the average weight for the week was 33.14lb.

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