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26 April 2014

Next to join us were a regular group from Sussex, Kent and Yorkshire – some of the lads were part of the group that had over 100 fish in September 2013.
After the previous week’s success I didn’t think the lake would fish so well again straight away, but how wrong I was!
The first fish was landed early on Saturday afternoon and this fell to Graham Renn (Yorks) who landed a 44.10 mirror. Graham went on to have 10 fish during the week, 3 x 50’s (2 of which were new PBs caught within a hour of each other), 3 x 40’s, 3 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Graham’s friend Andy Sopp (Sussex) was top rod with 13 fish which included, 1 x 50, 3 x 30’s, 8 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Alan Sands (Kent) managed to stay in his swim this time and caught 10 fish, these were 2 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s, and 6 x 20’s.
Roy Foster (Sussex) had 8 fish, 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s, and 3 x 20’s.
Newboy Ian French (Sussex) had the trip of a lifetime when he smashed his PB with a 58.04 common in his 5 fish haul, this was backed up by another common at 51.08 ¬†and 2 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Mark Longhurst (Sussex) had a slow first couple of days then beat his PB mirror and common in 24 hours! The mirror weighed 57.04 and then he had the Dip Back common at 59.07…he also had 3 fish in the 20’s.
Ian Stevenson (Sussex) also had a new PB common at 51.08, as well as 1 x 40, 4 x 30’s and 1 x 20.
Justin Jenner (Sussex) also had a 50 when he landed a 50lb mirror, and finally caught the much wanted 40 he had never had when packing up on Saturday morning (perhaps you’ll stop moaning now Just!!). Justin also landed 3 x 30’s and 3 x 20’s.
John Brown (Sussex), one of our most senior anglers, also had a 50 – a 50.14 mirror amongst his 6 fish, the others were 3 x 40’s 1 x 30, and 1 x 20.
Johns son Craig (Sussex) managed 7 fish – 3 x 40’s, 2 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s.
So the previous weeks new record of 8 x 50’s didn’t last very long with the lads setting a new record of 11 x 50’s.
Well done to all of you see you later in the year.

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