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31 August 2013

Joining Steve and Fiona for their second week with us were Dean Meakin’s group of 6 lads from Essex and Marco Taal and Patrick Derks all the way from Holland.
First to catch was Chris Fordham when he had a 27lb mirror early on the Saturday evening, but not to be outdone Steve ‘Splodge’ Lodge had a 28lber 40 minutes later. Chris had a total of 7 fish during the week including a new PB common at 46.04 with the others being commons at 36lb, 27lb and 24.06 and 4 mirrors weighing in at 36.04, 27.08, 26.04 and 24lb. Well done Chris, a great result on your first trip here!
Steve struggled to catch until later in the week when a move paid off handsomely with him catching 4 more fish including 2 mirrors at 36 and 28lb and a pair of commons at 32 and 23lb.
Steve Jefferies and his partner Fiona Byers on their second week with us only managed 3 fish between them but they included a new PB for Steve, a mirror at 49lbs and another at 36lbs and Fiona also had a forty weighing in at 40.15. Well done to both of you and I must thank Fiona for her help during the week when Wendy had to return back to the UK, and we are looking forward to your return visit to us in 2015.
Now we move on to the 2 Dutch lads Marco and Patrick – Marco was the star at fishing having 6 fish including a big common weighing 58lb! A new PB, and I am sorry to say I never saw the fish but the lads that did were blown away by its condition so we are very pleased. He also had another common at 32lb, and his 4 mirrors weighed 48lb, 45lb, 32lb and 29lb. Patrick only managed 1 fish but this was also a new PB when he tempted an immaculate mirror weighing 40lb. I have met a few characters in our first year here but these 2 lads were fantastic company throughout the week and we look forward to your return next year, when I will have some Heineken for you and “bacon and eggs”!!!
Dean Meakin (Essex) had 2 fish, a new PB common weighing 48lb and a 21lb common and Gary White (Essex) had 3 fish, mirrors at 45 and 24lb and a common at 41lb. Robin Stichbury (Essex) struggled for a bite but persevered and managed to have 2 forties, both mirrors at 44lb and 40.04.
Total fish for the week was 35 with an average weight just over 33lbs.

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