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4 May 2013

The next group of lads to join us were from all over the UK and Europe! These included the Englishman (Craig Bolton) the Scotsman (Craig ‘broon’ Brown) and the Irishman (Kevin Doherty) from Holland!! We also had two lads from S Yorks, John Siddle and David Mower, two from Essex, Mark Tucknott and Aarron Smart, and two from East Sussex, Robin Martin and his mate John. Finally we
had Richard Turrell fom Cambridgeshire.
Quick out of the blocks this week was Aarron who had a 29.05 mirror early on the Saturday afternoon – the only other fish out on Saturday was a lovely 49.05 mirror to Kevin (Holland). Moulinots newcomer Richard had the only fish out on Sunday, a 27lb mirror. Things really  picked up on the Monday when 2 fifties were caught, the first being a new PB common for Craig ‘broon’ Brown at 54lbs and the next being a new PB for Mark Tucknott , the Cut Tail common at 55.01 (nice to her see her making an appearance) This was followed by a 39lb mirror for Mark and a 27.08 common for Craig. Aaron also had another fish, a 29lb common
10 fish came out on Tuesday – Aarron  had 5 of these at 41.04, 39.12, 29.12, 28.04, and 28lb – a good day for you, Aarron!
Dave Mower had a 42.04 Mirror and his mate John got off the mark with a 27lb mirror – this was a just reward for the lads who had a nightmare trip getting to us when their car engine blew up 8 miles from us..luckily they were saved by a elderly German Good Samaritan couple who towed them to us. Kevin had 2 more fish, mirrors at 40.04 and 33lb, and Robin finally got off the mark with a 32.03 common.
Wednesday brought more fish for Kevin who had 2 at 29lb and 27.04, John Siddle added to his previous days fish with a mirror at 33.02, and Aaron was still catching having a 29.07 mirror.
John had 2 more fish on Thursday, a mirror at 27.12 and a common at 25.02, and Richard Turrell the beat his PB for a Common with  a pristine fish at 36.10. Not to be out done Aarron and Kevin had a fish each at 47.12 and 32lb respectively.
Friday was one of those special days we get here at Moulinots when Aaron had a fish that is not one of the known biggies. I was standing in the lodge swim and could see he was into a fish in the cut swim so I rode round to see if he wanted any assistance as the fish had taken one of his other rods. This turned out to not be a problem and he netted a mirror at 39.06, and then 40 minutes later I saw he was into a fish again and I could see he was having a battle so went round again to see if he was ok..when I got there he had what looked in the net to be a good upper forty common, then the fish righted itself and we couldn’t believe how broad it was across its back! It was well over a foot thick, and when it was weighed it went 58.04!!! I’m sure this will be, all going well,  Moulinots’ first 60 plus common. Well done Aarron on a great weeks fishing, really well deserved. Mark had 2 more fish, mirrors at 46.07 and 22.12, and Kevin finished off the week with a 33lb common. Well done to all the lads who caught and the ones that didn’t, hopefully your luck will be in when we see you next year.

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