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August 2012

The following table shows the top 20 carp caught during the month

Date Angler Fish Weight
 22nd  Stuart Brightman *PB* 55-13 C
 5th  Stuart Corbett (Yorks) *PB*  51-01 C
 13th  Colin Nash *PB* 51-00 M
 7th  Steve Price (Yorks) *PB* 49-06 M
 30th  Mark “Grinner” Chambers (another planet) *PB* 49-00 M
 31st  Steve Miller (Essex)  47-04 M
 9th  Ashley Bull *PB* 45-15 M
 20th  Steve Cuthbert (up North) *PB*  45-02 M
 1st  Kevin Stanzl  45-00 M
 27th  James Morris *PB* 45-00 C
 24th  Dean Thexton (Essex)  44-12 M
 8th  Frank Oakman (Essex)  44-11 M
 24th  Stuart Brightman 44-09 M
 4th  Steve Price (Yorks)  44-06 M
 5th  Steve Price (Yorks)  43-00 M
 9th  Steve Price (Yorks) *PB COM* 43-00 C
 31st  Brian Felton *PB*  43-00 M
 23rd  Sean Gray (Essex) 42-06 M
 28th  James Morris *PB MIR* 42-00 M
 25th  Alan Gosnell (Cambs)  41-13 M

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