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20 July 2013

This week we were joined by Moulinots regular Brad (Hank) Gray, his dad and his mates all from Essex.
We also welcomed Herman from my local tackle shop Fish Online in Kent, it was Herman’s first visit to us since we took over at Moulinots.
And last but not least was Lee Norton and Christian Reynolds from Shropshire, who were coming to us for a week first before moving on to another fishery for a second week – lucky Lee & Christian!

It was yet another hard week with the temperatures up in the mid thirties most of the week and the fish seemingly sulking somewhere shady and cool.

Brads dad Dave had the first fish of the week which was  a lovely 29.14 mirror, and Brad only had 1 fish, not his normal result but still welcome!
Herman had 4 fish in the first 48 hours but didn’t manage anything else all week accept about 8 grass carp. Christian and Lee on the first week of a 2 week fishing holiday left it late to catch, with Christian having a 36lb mirror and Lee having a 43.02 mirror both at the eleventh hour on the last morning! Hope you lads had a good week at the next venue you visited.
Even though the fishing was slow, socially the week was great with the exception of having to see Mark riding one of the mountain bikes round whilst wearing his mankini! A very haunting experience for all that saw it!!!!
These lads have also rebooked for next year so looking forward to the social already.

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13 July 2013

Two of the next groups to arrive had very long journies to get to us. Firstly we welcomed Darren Noddings’s group from Middlesbrough and then Scott Roper and Matt Torrence from Manchester, who were accompanied by their other halves, Rachel and Emma. We also we had Jay Mitchell and Jay Ward from Notts and Essex.

The weather was very hot again all week so not great for the lads fishing but the girls on their first french trip didn’t seem to mind as they managed to get a lot of time to work on their tans.
Top rod for the week went to Darren who worked his swim tirelessly, he managed to catch 8 fish with the largest being a 41lb mirror and he also had 3 thirties, a good result when you consider the amount of fish out and the weather. Next I must mention Paul Richardson who though in a wheelchair would put more able bodied anglers to shame! He managed 4 fish with the biggest being a 42.08 mirror. Paul Harlow had 5 fish which included 2 forties at 43.11 and 42.10, and Mikey only had 2 fish in the twenties a shame as he worked hard on his fishing all week as well.
Highlight of the week went to Scott, when he beat his previous PB with a 37.13 mirror only to smash that the next day when he landed a lovely 49lb common, well done mate! There was much excitement from the girls, who by this point were really getting into the fishing! Matt only managed to have 1 fish, a mid twenty mirror but I’m sure you will fair better when you return later this year lads as hopefully the weather will be kinder for you.
Sadly Jay and Jay didn’t manage to catch but are also returning to us next year so Moulinots is still weaving its magic!!


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6 July 2013

This was always going to be a hard week as we only had 3 anglers on the lake..these were all mates from Kent and Sussex.
The weather continued to be very hot and the fish were not really up for a feed.
Jerry Morgan had 3 fish with the biggest being a 28.08, Trevor Bailey had the biggest fish of the week a 40.02 common and Chris Clear who only turned up on the Tuesday managed a fish on his first night, a 27.14 mirror. I again was allowed by the boss to fish a couple of nights (to try and move the fish around of course!), and I managed 5 fish and although nothing big they were very welcome. The sizes were as follows 32.01, 27.02, 24.10, 22.10 and 22.09.
A very hard and slow week but all the guys fell in love with the venue and have rebooked for later next year, so looking forward to seeing you then.

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29 June 2013

With the weather now turning very hot we were joined by Tony Parsons and his group from Swindon, and Marc Coombes and his dad Pip and Colin Barker from Kent.
Pip wasted no time in catching when he landed a lovely 36.14 mirror on the Saturday afternoon sadly he only managed 1 more fish in the early hours of the last day this being a new PB common at 26.12.
Colin managed to tempt only 1 carp at 23.12 and Marc had to wait till the early hours of the last day to catch when he had a PB mirror weighing 36 lb. The biggest fish of the week went to Tony Parsons, a lovely 55lb mirror. Shane Farmer had 2 fish both mirrors weighing 30.10 and 30 lb.
Top rod of the week went to Neil Brewer who fished the shallower end of the lake which turned out to be a good move as he had a 50 lb PB common and a PB mirror at 47.05. Neil also managed to land a 34.10 and 30.05 mirror and another common at 27.01. A special thanks to Neil as he allowed Marc to fish the shallows which resulted in Marc’s fish, a very unselfish move Neil, this proved to be the start of some very difficult and slow weeks ahead as the weather never relented good for your suntans but no good for the fishing!

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22 June 2013

This week turned out to be one of those special weeks that you encounter when running a fishery in France. We welcomed Lee Wilmshurst (Bedfordshire) the record holder here at Moulinots for the most fish in a week (31) and his 2 mates, Lee Simmons (Herts) and Chris Cook (Herts) Also joining us was Joe Charmers’s group from Leicester and Coventry, Glyn Wardle and probably the most excited person I have seen turn up here so far – Ray Bates!!
Ray was first to catch when he had a new PB at 24lb..To say he was pleased is an understatement, and its lovely to see someone come over to France and not expect to ‘smash’a venue as a lot of anglers do. Ray ended up with a credible total of 7 fish for the week including a new PB at 47.04 and other fish weighing 37lb, 34lb (PB common), 30.12, 29.08, 29lb. Ray managed to beat his previous PB 4 times during the week – a massive well done to you Ray.
Glyn also managed to tempt 7 fish including commons at 41.08, 36.12 and 26lb and he also had 4 mirrors weighing in at 31 lb ,29lb and 2 at 26lb.
Group organiser Joe tried 3 different swims throughout the week and ended up in the lodge swim where he caught  4 fish weighing 35lb 2x 31lb, and a 27lber.
Then we come to the star of the week Lee Simmons who had a session of a lifetime!  Lee managed to catch  2 new PB’S, a stunning 57.12 mirror and a common weighing in at 55.14, but what he backed these fish up with was also unbelievable, he had 3 more commons weighing 49.04, 47.10 and 23.10 and 3 more mirrors at, 43lb, 30lb and 25.14 giving him an average weight for the week of over 41lb! Great fishing and really well deserved Lee.
Lee Wilmshurst didn’t have the result that he managed the previous year but still caught 4 fish, all only in the twenties and all mirrors weighing, 28.04, 27.12, 26.10 and 25.14. Lee is back with us later in the year and I’m sure he will fair a lot better.
Chris started the week well when on the Sunday he had a PB mirror at 32.08 and a smaller one weighing 23lb, but sadly though he didn’t manage any other fish but was a great photographer for Lee.
I managed to fish 3 nights as Wendy (the Boss) was back in the UK for a few days..;-) I fished down the shallower end and managed 7 fish at 40.08, 37.12, 37.02, 35.10, 33.11, 33.10 and 30.09 so a very pleasing little session for me as I managed to relieve Mr Wilmshurst of £5 for a little wager on the Friday night!
Total fish for the week 40
Average weight 33.07

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15 June 2013

This week we were joined by 3 different groups. Firstly we had John Ellerton (Yorkshire) and his wife Mandy (non fishing guest) and their son Jamie. Jamie was straight into the fish from the off having a 26.08 mirror and he also managed another fish on Saturday evening, a 29.08 Mirror. Jamie had another 5 fish after moving down to the shallows the weights were as follows – mirrors at 35.08, 34.02, 26.04, and 22.08, plus he also had a common weighing 33.02.
Jamie also used the skills he learnt whilst serving for the British forces when he had to make a cover for his bivvy that started to leak in the torrential rain, and while not very pleasing to the eye in definitely worked a treat!!
John only managed to tempt 1 carp during the week but at least it was a reasonable weight at 49.04!
Brothers Martin (Essex) and Adrian (Hants) Chalk were fishing next to each other on the social corner with Martin taken all the spoils in the week with a tremendous haul including a new PB 54lb common, a 35.08 common and a 30.09 common. He also had mirrors at 49.08, 47.08 and 36lb! Adrian sadly didn’t manage any fish but did take some great photos for his brother, especially in the early hours of the morning in the thunder and lightening – very dramatic!
Top rod award for the week went to Brian Bartlett (W Mids) who managed a credible 9 fish in sometimes difficult weather conditions – his tally included 7 mirrors at 37.12, 35.12, 32.10, 30.08, 29.12, 29.04 and also 25.04.
Brian also had 2 commons weighing in at 29.04 and 27lb respectively. Well done Brian and hopefully when you return in September next year I’m sure you will be able to tempt some bigger fish.
Glenn Ward (Herefordshire) managed 2 fish after also moving to the shallower end of the lake, and although not big fish they were very welcome – these were both commons at 27.08 and 29lb.
I managed to fish for a couple of nights but packed up to allow the other lads to fish the shallows. I managed 5 fish at the following weights – mirrors at 42.06, 39.12, 32.08, 31.06 and also a common at 23lb.
Total fish for the week 30
Average weight 33.08
Good result all in all as weather very changeable with storms and heavy rain then very hot.

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8 June 2013

With no one on the lake the previous week we made our way back from the UK in the early hours of Saturday morning, and arrived at the lake just in time as the next group of lads from Hertfordshire arrived at the about the same time as ourselves.
All the lads were all going to use the same bait that they have been using for the last year (not a known bait!) and this can sometimes make the fishing a little harder but this week was different, the bait in question was Aqua Baits shrimp. The man behind the bait, Spencer Butler was top rod for the week having an amazing 21 fish which included a PB Mirror weighing 55.15lb. Spencer didnt have any forties but did manage to have 8 thirty plus fish. Roger Figg broke his PB with a 29.14 mirror early on the Saturday evening only to beat it 4 hours later with a 39.06 mirror!. Graham( walkabout!) Myles had 5 fish which also included a new PB Mirror weighing 52.14lbs. His other 4 fish weighed 42.03, 32.01, 30.13 and 30.05lb. Paul Cox had a 35.08 mirror on Sunday but  he then lost a big mirror as his net ripped and the fish swam away. Paul had the hump over this for a day then got his fishing head on and he managed 5 more fish including a PB mirror at 51.02. His other 4 fish weighed 35.08, 33.02, 32.04 and 23.08 so well done Paul after the events earlier in the week.
Trip organiser Paul Hill, who was sharing a double swim with his pal Greg Barber managed to land 5 of our fish, with the biggest being a 36lb mirror. Greg went one better having 6 fish and 2 new PB’S  – a mirror at 46.14 and a common weighing 36.03. Well done you two and thanks for all the early morning coffee throughout the week!
Marc (Del Boy) Smith also had 6 fish including 2 forties – mirrors at 41lb and 40.04 and he also had one of the smallest fish in the lake a cute 18lb mirror.

Fellow french fishery operator Roy Fulton, who only fished 4 days had 2 fish at 39.06 and 24.02.
Wendy and myself had a difficult end to the week when on the Friday our ii year old Boxer dog Dylan sadly died. Thanks lads for your understanding when we had to rush him to our local vets.
We are glad to say these lads have rebooked with us after telling us at the start of the week “we never go to the same venue twice” . Thank you, this means so much to us as we are hopefully doing things right in our first year running Moulinots. And last and no means least, POWER OF THE SHRIMP!!!
Total fish 53
Average weight 30.04

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25 May 2013

Next we were joined by Moulinots regulars Rob Johnson (Essex) Anthony Briggs (Holland) on his second trip of the year,  my mate and lake record holder Adrian Ford (Kent), Paul Bradnock (Devon), Paul Brockson, and newcomers from Devon Jed Crocker, Ollie Bentley, Lloyd Dejdak and their mate from Wales James Green.

The rain continued to fall but this just made the fishing even better! Rob had 19 fish including what is a new record –  11 fish in 24 hours!! His tally included 2 fifty plus commons both weighing 51.04 although these were different fish! He also had 2 forties at 47.04 and 44.04, and he backed this up with 9 thirties! Great fishing Rob and well deserved for all your efforts.  The newsboys from Devon also had a great week with catches including 9 fish for Ollie Bentley, who after coming out low in the draw opted for the shallower end of the lake – a decision he wasn’t to happy with despite catching early on, but he kept at it and ended up with 2 forties weighing 48.04 and 46.04, and 4 x thirties. Jed had 2 fish on the Tuesday, a 37.12 common and a 28.04 mirror, and he had 3 more fish in the week topped off with a PB mirror at 56.12. Lloyd managed to catch 3 fish,  all thirties at 39.12, 31.04 and 30lb. James faired a little better having a total of 7 fish including 2 forties – a 44.14 and 42.08, and 1 thirty, a 31.00 common. Anthony only managed 1 fish this time but it was a 49.02 mirror. Paul Brockson also managed to lure only 1 fish,  a 29.02 mirror. Lastly my mate Ad, who only fished  2 nights managed to land 3 fish,  the biggest being 36.06, which was then  foll0wed by a 30.06 and a 28.08.

Terry W (France) fished 1 night and had a little 24lber!
A special mention to the ladies that joined  their partners this week – Wendy really enjoyed the female company after being surrounded by males most of the season to date! I must say I didn’t hear anyone of you moan about the horrible weather all week and it was lovely to see you at Moulinots and look forward to welcoming you back in the future,
Total fish for the week was 52 including 3 x 50’s  7 x 40’s and 20 x thirties, and the average weight for the week was 33.14lb.

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18 May 2013

Next we welcomed another non exclusive group of lads consisting of 5 lads from Yorkshire, Lee Brown and John Bond from London, Father and son Norman and Geoff Tapp from Sussex and Kent and finally Paul Rylance from Lancashire.

Norman, who was on his 70th birthday treat from his family had the first fish of the week on Sunday which was a new PB for him at 33.09, and not to be outshone his son Geoff then had a PB Common at 53.06 – a fantastic start or both! This was followed by 2 more fish for Geoff at 44.06 and 30.02, and John Bond had the only other fish on the sunday which was a 40.02 mirror.
Paul Rylance had a 27.02 common in the early hours of Monday morning, and Lee Brown opened his account with a 37.10 mirror as did Nick Atkinson (Yorkshire) with a PB mirror at 32.02.
Whilst sitting round the dinner table Geoff jokingly asked me what prize I would give him if he landed one of 3 fish that he pointed out to me on the photo boards in the lodge, to which I replied he could have 3 different bottles of our finest Moulinots wine. Wendy and myself had been back at the house for no more than 20 minutes when the mobile rang and it was Geoff on the other end asking me what the big mirror looked like, and when I replied it was nearly  a leather he laughed and told me he had it in the sling at a new PB mirror for him at 58.08!, plus also had another fish weighing 35.13
Tuesday produced 11 fish –  2 more for Geoff, (mirrors at 28.06 and 35.08) Lee had 3 fish all mirrors at 26.04, 26.02 and 24.06.
Andrew Hughes (Yorkshire) had 2 fish including a PB mirror at 49.00,and another at 30.02. Paul Rylance landed a 41.12 mirror in torrential rain! Sadly Paul and his other half had to leave earlier than expected due to getting flooded out in their bivvy! Thanks to all the other lads for your help and support in trying to convince Paul and Maddie to stay but I think the weather was just too much for Maddie  – hope you enjoy better weather on your next fishing trip.
Joker of the Yorkshire group Mike Platten finished the day off with a PB at 47lb. Shame you were not as good at catching the orphaned duckling Mike!!
Despite the constant rain, Norman added another fish to his tally, a 26.06 mirror.
Wednesday was even better than the previous day (not weather wise though!) with 12 fish gracing the bank. These included 3 for John Bond, a PB common at 49.09, and mirrors at 31.12 and 31.10. Norman landed 3 more fish including a PB at 45.08, a common 30.02 and another mirror weighing 24.04. Lee had another mirror weighing 48.04 and Geoff also had another fish a mirror at 38lb. Andrew Hughes then had a 32.10 Mirror.
The highlight of the day was Nick who smashed his PB from earlier in the week with a mirror at 56.02, To say he was in shock is a complete understatement. Jim Cook (Yorkshire) had his first fish of the week a new PB at 32.08, and his buddy in the same swim Mike then had another mirror at 28lb.
Jim had another fish early on Thursday, a mirror weighing 29.12, and making the most of his birthday treat, Norman caught a 33.02 mirror. Lee had another 2 mirrors at 38.02 and 34.14, making his total for the week 7 fish, and Nick who was having the session of a lifetime had 2 more mirrors at 42lb and 36lb. Geoff had another fish weighing 34.10, and John finished his weeks captures with a 25.08 mirror, making it 6 for him for the week. Norman finished a truly memorable week for him with 2 more fish weighing 21.10 and 35.12, making his total 8 for the week – well done Norm and we are so pleased how much you enjoyed your week. Geoff ended his remarkable week with a 39.12 common on Friday making his total 10 fish inc 2 x 50 lbers. Well done Geoff and richly deserved after the hours you spent watching the water in the pouring rain!
Nick ended his big fish hauling week with another specimen at 48.08.
Jim then smashed his PB again with a mirror weighing 46.12 only to beat that with another new PB in the early hours of Saturday morning, a stunning mirror weighing 55.08 – well done Jim after a slow start to the week for you. I would just like to say that all the boys kept their spirits up through out the week despite the appalling weather conditions and this paid dividends in the end with an amazing total of 11 new PBs. Total fish for the week was 47 of which 4 were 50’s, 11 x 40, and 20 x 30 lbers. Average weight for the week was an incredible 36.06lb.

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11 May 2013

Next we were graced with the long awaited arrival of one of Dave and Kathy’s (the previous owners) favourite regular groups, Paul Vickerstaff’s group mainly from Surrey and one member from that retirement town on the south coast Bexhill on Sea. There was a lovely surprise on the Saturday evening when Ed handed out their new hoodies for this year  with the logo ‘Etang des Moulinots – the New Era’ and there was even one for me (Terry) too – very touching guys, thank you!!
The elder statesman of the group Dave Pritchard (Bexhill on Sea) decided he would fish the now vacated lodge swim, which
proved to be a good choice as on the first afternoon Dave had a 24lb common, and Chris Walton (Surrey) was the only other person to catch on the first day when he had a 28.10 mirror.
Chris had 1 more fish on Sunday, a 28.09 mirror, Freddie Pentecost (Surrey) had 2 fish – a PB common at 40lb and another common at 27lb, Andrew Nash (Surrey) had a 38.08 mirror, and then we had 2 bigger fish grace the bank, a PB for Dave Pritchard a 51.15mirror, then the Moulinots record holder for a common Dale Vickerstaff (Surrey) had another big common at 55.08.
Monday produced another 7 fish – Andrew Nash  had 2 forty mirrors at 41.02 and 46lb, Ed Wragg (surrey) opened his account with a pair of mirrors at 36.06 and 30.10, Dale had another common, a 35lber, and Dave also had another fish, a 33lb mirrror.  The loudest member of the group Mark Creed (Surrey) had a 29.08 mirror.
The lads went one better on Tuesday with 8 fish – 2 for Dave (31.02 and 28.08) also 2 for twenties expert (only joking) Stuart Creed (Surrey) at 27.07 and a 27.05.
Freddie had a 31.14 mirror and Mark had a 37.10 mirror, and then we had another 2 fifties grace the bank! With 2 new PBs, a 50lb mirror for Andrew and a 53.04 common for Ed.
Wednesday produced 10 fish! 8 of these falling to father and son Mark and Stuart Creed, Stuart having 5 at 33.12, 27.12, 27.10, 26.08, and 22.10. Dad Mark had 3 thirties at 34lb, 31.08,and 30.02. Dave had another mirror at 29.09 then Chris finished the day with a 27lb mirror.
Stuart had another 3 fish on the Thursday, commons at 37.08 and 27.08 and a mirror at 33.08. Dale added another 2 to his total with a couple of lovely mirrors at 39.14 and 46.14. The highlight of the day went to another member of the Creed family, Cliff who landed his only fish of the week at an amazing 57lb! Well worth the wait Cliff 😉 Mark Creed had another 2 commons at 27lb and 25lb, Ed landed a common at 29.14 and then Chris, who was leaving us the next morning along with Mark and Cliff, had a mirror at 29.10 followed by 3 more fish in the early hours of Friday – all mirrors, at 48.02, 28.10 and 27.06. Stuart then took over the proceedings by adding 5 more fish to his total on Friday and Saturday to win the comp money for him and his partner. Paul didn’t have his usual results here but I’m sure he will make amends next year.

Thanks for a great week guys, and looking forward to seeing you all next year.


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